Installing a Shingles Roofing


Do you plan to use shingled roofing for your roof? Or do you wanna replace your shingled roof by yourself? Before doing that, it is better to know how to do that. Of course it would be better if the roof specialist do the roof installment. But it is not impossible for you to do that by yourself. Here are some steps for installing a shingled roofing.

  1. Put lines to trace the alignment of the shingle tops. The lines have to be snapped across the roof from eave to peak. The shingles will be placed above the lines for nailing. As recommended by manufacturers, tracing the lines can be done with the use of shingle bottoms or tapes.
  2. When all lay outing is done, the shingles are now ready for installation. To prevent from possible leakage when you overlap them, it is important to balance every other shingle by 6 inches Leave about 1/16 inch space between each shingle.
  3. Start putting the first set of starter shingles and nail each using four galvanized roofing nails.
  4. Start laying each shingle on top of the starter shingles, suspending the drip edge by ½ inch.

(Each single nail should be nailed from the bottom next to the previous one. This will prevent the shingles from collapsing)

  1. Position the hip shingles. Each shingles should be put at both ends of the ridge and trace a line across one side. You can start putting more shingles all the way up to the center point of the ridge and nail them on each side.
  2. The last step in installing a shingled roofing is applying the ridge shingles. Unlike the hip shingles where the direction starts at both ends, laying the ridge shingles starts on one end all the way to the other end, considering the highest wind direction.
  3. Then fasten the last ridge shingle with two nails, the only nails that are exposed after all the roofing work is finally completed.

Those are steps to install a shingled roofing. Before you do that, make sure you wear your safety gears to avoid the unnecessary accident.


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