Women in Unconventional Jobs

Based on the U.S. Department of Labor, a non-traditional job for girls is one where less than 25 percent of the workforce are female. There certainly are numerous non-traditional jobs for women, from chiropractor to pilot, carpenter to an electrician to engineer and painter.

The term “non-traditional job that is” might not last long, as societal stereotypes break down. Many women are entering areas which were once considered improper for females.

As high demand occupations open up due to economic expansion, more girls are seeking employment in positions which were once male dominated.

It was just a couple of decades past that if you spoke to someone in regards to an attorney, doctor or sportsman, they would presume you were talking about a person.

Women in Unconventional Jobs

On the last 20 years, it has become necessary to have two incomes, due to the increased cost of living, along with the expense of health care and housing.

Over half of working mothers must work to help support their family. If it were possible, many of these women would rather stay home and raise their kids.

A shift in the attitudes about what’s acceptable for girls also have led to the acceptability of various non-traditional jobs. ” many have abandoned that outdated theory while some people still believe that “a woman’s place is in the home. Girls are a part of the labor force, with two-thirds of girls age 16 and older employed in some capacity.

Cash is among the biggest reasons women enter nontraditional livelihood. A woman in an unconventional job can get 20 to 30 percent more than they could in a convention profession, according to the Labor Department. Women can find inspiration in the $20 to $30 entry-level wages paid for a lot of those nontraditional careers.

An auto mechanic is a male-dominated occupation. However, this well-paying job isn’t only lacking in the number of girls seeking this type of work. There’s an overall shortage of mechanics.

An entry level mechanic can make around $42,000 per annum, and with ASE certification a mechanic, This occupation might be attractive to a woman who enjoys cars and needs to be a grease monkey.

Another trade that is traditionally blokey is demolition. Picture of a great hulking man using a sledgehammer. But in a day where security is crucial, perhaps we’re stereotyping a little when we say that women “ care concerning the safety of these around them, and most cases, it’s accurate.

This is exceedingly significant in trades just like the one Vanessa is part of – asbestos removal. Vanessa has worked for a Wollongong asbestos removal company she is one of a small team where she’s the only real woman; she says that she’s frequently the one that is calling the shots as it pertains to security on the job website.

Based on the Labor Department, of the 20 percent of women in nontraditional jobs, most are in areas that do n’t demand a degree, such as plumbing and truck driving.

Nonetheless, there’s been a massive escalation in professional jobs that are nontraditional in white collar sectors like regulations and engineering.

There’s still a very long way to go while girls have come a long way regarding getting nontraditional standings. Girls still dominate the workforce in the low-paying support industries such as retail, clerical and food service.

It’s important to remember that a girl has the right to make a decision as to what field who need to enter.

Although common myths say that security occupations are too dangerous, girls aren’t cut out to do specific tasks, blue collar work is too cluttered, or some occupations aren’t womanly enough, no one should prevent a lady from selecting any career path that interests her.


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